About ‘In the Chimehours’

“Only Art is Eternal Wisdom; what is not Art soon perishes. Art is the unconscious love of all things. Learning will cease and Reality will become known when it comes to pass that every human being is an Artist.”

Book of Pleasure: Austin Osman Spare


Sarah-Jayne Farrer:

As far back as she can recall, esoteric digital mixed media artist and writer,  Sarah-Jayne Farrer has lived and breathed the Arte Magical. Her vision and voice carry the pure essence of rustic wisdom and the twisted cold logic of dark faerie tale. Her English roots are woven and knotted into the ancient landscape she wanders through, her Sorcerous ways are nightborne and heavily sensual.

You may find Sarah-Jayne’s work gracing the pages of:

  • Lodge Horus Maat’s ‘Silver Star Journal of New Magick’
  • Hoofprints in the Wildwood (a devotional anthology for the Horned God in all of his manifestations) edited by Rick Derks
  • Women of Babalon: A Howling of Women’s Voices edited by Mishlen Linden
  • LIL AZ’H’AZ LIL: The Grimoire of the Arachnean Goddess by Edgar Kerval
  • SARAF LESAMA AEL AZA: The Intoxicating Garden of Samael by Edgar Kerval

She also has a number of pieces set for future publications, which will be announced here as and when they are made available…

Feel free to drop her a line via email: inthechimehours@gmail.com

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