Far beyond an Event Horizon
Out of sight of my shuddering scope
Is a realm of Pandimensional Antithesis.
A place beyond reason and hope.

In a vault, bound and chained waits a prisoner
Now nameless and faceless to all
Deathless and voiceless, it dreams there
Seething with lust, hate and scorn.

Nightside vessels of Naamah lay shattered
Watchful light from your dying star recedes
And your chains are now age worn and battered
Time hastens this Dark Lords release

Howling stars scream
Silence follows Madness
No flesh shall be spared.

Image: Time-Bound by Ian Thurlby
Words: Matt Baldwin-Ives

3 responses to “Time-Bound

    • Being nameless, faceless and residing well beyond an event horizon, its unlikely humanity will have any time to examine or label this Acosmic force as it delivers all form and awareness back an unmanifest state of utter darkness.

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